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Boy or Girl?


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On April 24th this year Lindsay and Ryan Norton got married. A few days later they moved to Colorado. A month later we found out Lindsay was four weeks pregnant. And just a few hours ago we found out The baby is a boy! The baby does not have a name yet so we have been calling him Peanut. Ryan came up with the name when Peanut was still the size of a peanut. Hopefully soon Peanut will have a real name, although I will still call him Peanut from time to time.

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In honor of being able to eat gluten again yesterday I made Lemon Curd Thumb Print Cookies for our weekly small-group.

On Monday I started by making my lemon curd. Ever since I have had lemon curd on an English muffin I have loved it but never dreamed it would be so quick and easy to make. In my opinion lemon curd is the perfect mix of sweet and sour.  It took me under 15 minutes to make and when it was done it fit perfectly in my two small jars.

The next morning I made the cookie dough. With just a few steps, a few ingredients and a little time I had my dough made. I rolled it into 1 inch balls then rolled those in sugar then for the finishing touch I pressed my thumb into every one of them to fill later on with lemon curd. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of this step. I thought they looked so much like a Christmas cookie it made me want to put some Christmas music on. I cooked them for twelve minutes then I got to fill them with my lemon curd. They just had to bake five more minutes and they would be ready to eat. Once they were done of course I had to eat one, I could not take some cookies without knowing if they tasted good (mwahahaha).

I ended up not going to small-group with everybody else due to feeling sick so I ended up saving a few to eat at home. Because I saved a few you get pictures.

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