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For my birthday on Monday I am making myself some tiramisu, as I did last year. Last year I had a lot of fun making the mascarpone and ladyfingers in advance, though this year I am making some changes.  This time the ladyfingers are gluten-free and I am using a mascarpone substitute so that I don’t spend my little energy on making fresh mascarpone.

To make the ladyfingers I used the recipe from Joy Of Baking and replaced the cake flour with Pamela’s Gluten-Free Bread Mix. The bread mix does not fold into the batter as easily as cake flour does so next time I will probably try mixing the flour into the egg yolk mixture first.

{Make sure you eat every last bit of meringue before you wash the bowl!}

{While people are not looking you may want to sneak a couple of the ladyfingers, just leave enough for the tiramisu!}

Ladyfingers are quite fun and easy to make. I plan to try making some flavored ones pretty soon and experiment using them in various trifles.

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