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I’ve been having to stay in bed due to my Lyme for over a week now. I can tend to get really discouraged during these times because I don’t feel as if I can serve anyone or like I’m not doing what I should be doing. It can be very common for those with a chronic illness to feel as if they are a burden. However, you don’t have to feel guilty, because this is where the Lord currently has you.

One thing you can do to help your feelings of guilt is prayer. There are many things that we could-and should-lift up to the Lord in Prayer! Pray for your health, your guilt, for Him to show you a way you can serve, for encouragement and peace, pray for your friends and family, and you can pray for those who you know are also going through a trial.

Make a list of things that you can do while sick. Using a list I feel much more accomplished in my daily living than before. It also serves as a good reminder; when my brain is too foggy to think of anything to do I can just look at my list and find something.

Find a way that you can serve people; ask the Lord to show you a way. I was praying for this over a year ago now, and I felt led to start blogging about my illness, and other important issues to me. Now I did not like this idea, because I was trying to hide my illness from the outside world. However, I slowly started blogging more often. And you know what? It got easier, I felt encouraged, I can now encourage others through my blog, and I can serve as a witness to Christ. Another way to serve which I want to start doing is sending hand written cards to people who need encouragement. If however my arthritis is too bad I could type it up on the computer and print it out on some nice paper.

Take it one day at a time. It can be hard for me to think of the future, whether one week or five years into the future. I wonder what health problems I will have and if I will be able to serve others. However, the future is not ours to worry about! The Lord is in complete control and His plan is far better than ours. What good does worrying about tomorrow bring? Try to live one day at a time for the Lord.

It can be hard to be content where the Lord has you with a chronic illness, I’ve been through it and am still going through it. However, if we go through it trying to bring glory to the Lord and encourage others it helps us as well. If anybody reading this is currently going through a chronic illness, or any trial, please feel free to comment and ask for prayer, or email me at

Why Dress Modestly?


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“With the coming of summer you start to see many Christians talking about modesty, especially concerning swimsuits. Sadly among the talk about modesty you also often hear some Christians proudly touting things such as “I don’t dress for men, I dress for myself”, “If men can’t control their lust it’s their problem”, “If we dress for men then we are worshiping men, not God”, “This is just part of our culture so it’s okay”, or “I have freedom in Christ!”. I want to address some of these statements along with what the heart of the matter really is.”

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or my Lyme diet I typically try to avoid sugars other than those that are naturally in fruit, and even those I limit. However there are a couple cases where I make exceptions out of convenience or for a treat.



If you’ve not heard of Izze it is a sparkling juice, made with only a few natural and healthy ingredients and no added sugar. To me Izze tastes like the ultimate soda. It is higher in sugar than what I usually eat, but a large apple has about 23 grams of sugar and this does not have much more. I also never have any negative affects after drinking it so I feel it’s fine. I’ve tried both the sparkling peach and clementine and have loved both. Recently I was able to pick and eat a few fresh and juicy blackberries which is making me want to try the sparkling blackberry flavor soon. If you want to find Izze near you click here, or you can buy them on Amazon


Uber Bars

Uber bars are made by the same company as Larabars. I tend to avoid Larabars because they have more sugar than I want to use on an energy bar, I would rather have fruit or an Izze, however Uber bars have more than half the sugars as Larabars. Uber bars do have honey, which I typically avoid as well as any other non-fruit sugars but I think in moderation it’s alright occasionally. So far I’ve only tried the Bananas Foster, but it tasted amazing and is a wonderful treat! I’m hoping to try the Coconut Macaroon flavor soon. You can buy Uber Bars in bulk on Amazon.


Pei Wei’s Vietnamese Rolls

These amazing rolls from Pei Wei were simply amazing! They are filled with chicken, veggies, rice noodles, and peanuts. I always eat mine with the sweet chili dipping sauce, which must have some sugar in it but I figure it’s not that much compared to fruit. Be warned though, the sweet chili dipping sauce is actually spicy, but really good! My mom does not tend to like anything spicy but whenever we go to Pei Wei we get these rolls and end up putting a lot of the sweet chili sauce on our rolls because it just tastes so good, but the our mouths feel like they are on fire. It is worth it though, these things are filled with so much good Asian flavor that I highly recommend them. One order is large enough for a meal, however my mom and I tend to split it and eat it as either an appetizer or snack.

All three of these things I would highly recommend if they are within your diet limitations. They always make me really happy and I look forward to them every time I know I’m going to get one. What are some of your favorite healthy treats?


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