First and foremost, Hannah is a born again believer whose goal in life is to serve Christ, minister to others, and proclaim God’s glory in all she does.

At 18, she struggles with many health issues, including asthma, eczema, celiac, a vestibular disorder, and an unruly gallbladder. Her insatiable curiosity, and love of learning makes her an avid researcher of whatever happens to pique her interest at the moment, but a few things have always remained her most passionate interests. Music, horses, and books. She’s been a musician her whole life, and will play anything she can get her hands on (which usually means her sister’s instruments), but mainly plays piano, mandolin, and Irish whistle. She has always loved horses, though she doesn’t have any real experience with them, and hopes to someday go into horse training, or photography. Though reading has been difficult of late due to a vestibular disorder, she has an uncanny love of books, especially old ones. She has a great love for both science and history. Along with her personality type being INTJ, she is also OCD, detail oriented, perfectionistic, and quite a geek/nerd. These things are probably the reason why when concocting new recipes, she treats them as if she’s creating scientific formulea that will be the greatest advances in modern science as we know it. She is also a fairly new aunt, and is likely to go off on baby related things with little provocation.

She has many other interests and hobbies including: Cooking and baking, homeopathics, nutrition, and herbs, hot tea, crafting (jewelry making, knitting/crochet, sewing, etc.) photography, art, science fiction and fantasy, and ice skating (though she’s only been twice).


Hannah is also a part of a photography blog where she, and several other homeschoolers,  post their photography. At least one picture is posted every weekday. Please take a few minutes to check out the talent, and skill, of the people she is  privileged to work with at The Photo Compass here.

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