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I don’t know about you but at the end of my day I often look around and feel as if I haven’t accomplished anything. Today was such a day. As I looked around my kitchen and saw dirty dishes and counters I felt defeated. I knew there was no way I would get what I wanted done. Then and idea struck me. I started running through a list of the things I had accomplished and was really surprised at all I had done. Just so you know, we operate on a pretty crazy schedule around here due to chronic Lyme disease, a child who has been having mental issues, and a husband who works crazy hours. Last night (well really this morning) I didn’t get Sarah to sleep until nearly 4 am and I was still awake until almost 6 because of my Lyme. At noon I was rudely woken up by Sarah loudly arguing with her sister (mind you, she’s deaf and doesn’t speak words, but she uses her voice really well. When you are sound asleep this sound reminds you of the scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex is chasing the jeep and Jeff Goldblum is shouting, “Must go faster! Must go faster! Sarah is the T-Rex). 

Yeah, I pretty much responded the same way the people in the jeep did. After being jolted awake, I am often not at my best. My sweet girls got me my first cup of tea (a cup for me is a 20 oz. travel mug) while I had a little discussion with Sarah. These discussions happen many times throughout my day. Just  imagine you have a over active 3 year old in the body of a 26 year old and you’ll sorta get the picture. Gene leaves for work at 2:30 so there were some things I had to get done before he left. 

This is my list of what I accomplished today. I encourage you to make your own list of things you have done, I think you will be surprised at how much you really did accomplish. This is in no way me bragging, far from it. I have about 1 million and 1 things that are incomplete that needed to be finished weeks ago. But, such is my life. I am learning to do what I can do and not sweat it if I can’t. 

So here was/is my day. It’s 12 am as I’m writing this and I still have at least 2 hours of work to go. Just for clarity, right now we have people on 4 different diets due to health reasons, so often my kitchen is more like a diner.

Woke up  Startled out of restful sleep

Morning Cuppa Technically afternoon, but who’s counting

Made Hannah’s breakfast

Made Gene’s lunch for work

Made Sarah’s lunch

Made Chicken stock in the crockpot (it is still simmering and I LOVE that smell!)

Made Hannah and Rachel’s lunch

Ran errands- HEB, Walmart and Dollar Tree (did you know that they have $1 digital timers? I love timers!!!)

Watered the yard (this took repeated trips outside to move the sprinkler)

Made Sarah & Hannah’s meatloaf & Sarah’s squash

Researched information and e-mailed it to a friend


Replied to 5+messages

Sarah in bed (only sorta, she won’t be asleep for hours)

Made the rest of us regular meatloaf

Downloaded e-books

Wrote this blog post

Still to do:

Make homemade laundry detergent

Make coconut milk

Dishes (I seriously doubt those will get finished!)

Clean kitchen counters and stove (not looking promising either)

Through out all of this there many times I stopped to correct or counsel Sarah, visit with the girls, and drink many cups of tea. The reality is, I will always have something unfinished, and my To-Do list will never be completed. Why do I keep beating myself up for not being able to do the impossible? I am going to stop chastising myself and accept the reality that is my life. I will always strive to do better, but I am not going to beat myself up over it. How about you? What did you accomplish today? Do you beat yourself up over what didn’t get done? 


Why Dress Modestly?


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“With the coming of summer you start to see many Christians talking about modesty, especially concerning swimsuits. Sadly among the talk about modesty you also often hear some Christians proudly touting things such as “I don’t dress for men, I dress for myself”, “If men can’t control their lust it’s their problem”, “If we dress for men then we are worshiping men, not God”, “This is just part of our culture so it’s okay”, or “I have freedom in Christ!”. I want to address some of these statements along with what the heart of the matter really is.”

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Last fall we went to dinner at the house of some friends and I particularly noticed their couch. It wasn’t fancy or expensive, it was a simple couch that was wooden with cushions. When I saw I thought it was simple, comfortable and homey. I waxed nostalgic wishing that I could find a couch like theirs, alas, they don’t make them like they used to.

My very long day actually got its start last Saturday when Rachel, Caroline and I went to one of our local resale shops, KCM. While we were there I saw a couch that was very similar to my friend’s. The only problem with that couch was that the cushions for the back were missing. They had been replaced with several throw pillows. The couch & love seat that we had were in really bad shape and very uncomfortable, even with the cushions replaced with pillows, that couch was an improvement.

The girls and I then ran some more errands and ended up going to the other KCM on the other side of town. We found some good deals on skirts and then, lo and behold there was another wooden couch, much like the other one. This one was a little bit more money, but it was in really good condition and had all of cushions. When I arrived home I told Gene about the couches and we decided that we would check back in on them on Thursday when he had the day off.

And so begins my very long, very busy, very tiring day. We got out of the house about 11am and went to the first KCM to see if they had a couch. They did, we bought it and they held it until we could come back for it later in the day. We then went to the second KCM to see if they had the second couch. They have about 25 couches and when I approached the place where the couch had been on Saturday, I was disappointed to see that it was gone. I then looked back one row and there was another wooden couch. It was it great shape and had all of its cushions. We bought that couch as well and made arrangements to return for it later in the day.

Now the real fun began. If you ever think about buying a 12 passenger van thinking that you’ll just whip the seats out whenever you want to transport some cargo. . . think again, or have a lot of strong sons instead of a bunch of girlie daughters. Gene and I pulled, tugged, lifted (ok, Gene did all of the pulling, tugging and lifting when the seats were in the van) and I helped him get them out of the van and put them in the yard. After we recovered we went to the car wash so Gene could vacuum out the van, it’s so much easier when the seats are all gone.

We went to the closest KCM and they had wonderful helpers there to load the couch into the van. I was getting a grumbly in my tumbly and I suggested that we head to my absolute favorite fast food restaurant, Chick fil a. After some nuggets, Chick fil a sauce, waffle fries and a Dr. Pepper I was ready to get to work again. We took this couch to the house, took the love seat and couch out of house, which was no easy feat, and brought in the new couch. For those of you who don’t know, we live in a mobile home, which means each trip with a piece of furniture means a set of steps.

Gene and I got back in the van, made a quick stop at the library, and then went to the second KCM. We loaded that couch up in the van with the help of a young man and headed back home. We unloaded the couch and put it in the house.

After we unloaded the van and got things situated in the house Rachel and I headed out. First we went to Sam’s to pick up Sarah’s meds and a couple of other things. We then went to Walmart to get some throw pillows for the couches and hoping to get a Rug Doctor, which they don’t rent anymore. The couches have several scratches on them and I was trying to find something to cover the scratches and at first I looked in the hardware department. I didn’t find what I wanted there, but when I was looking at furniture polish Rachel found the perfect thing. It is Old English Scratch Cover for dark wood (there is also one for light wood). It worked wonderfully and the wood on the couches looks almost like new.

We made a quick trip to Kroger to pick up the steamer and the cleaners and then went home. After unloading the van I began to get things ready to steam while Rachel made waffles for dinner. I didn’t realize that I had to have another product for the the steamer so I had to make a quick trip to Randall’s to pick it up. I finally began to steam the couches about 8 pm. As I finished steaming the couches Caroline would blow dry the cushions. We took a couple of breaks to go over the couches with the Old English, using q-tips to get into the smaller spots. I was amazed at how good they look!

One of the couches does still have a slight odor to it, and tomorrow I am going to put each of the cushions in a trash bag with baking soda. I think that will eliminate it. I finally finished the couches about 12 am and then went to soak in a hot bath with epsom salt. It has been a very long, very busy, very tiring and very rewarding day!

I hope to put up pictures of the couches in the next couple of days, after I get everything back together.