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Beginning Couponing


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I recently began extreme couponing and have been sharing my experiences with some of my friends locally. I wanted to share on our blog as well. As time goes on I will share some hints of what I have done that have made it easier for me. I will also share my blunders in an effort to help you not make the same mistakes. Tonight I want to share with you a trip I made to Target. I learned a very valuable lesson that I’m sure will help me in the future and you as well.

This is the breakdown of what I purchased:

4 Milo’s Dog Jerky Treats – $1 each
3 Kraft Salad Dressings – .73 each
1 Loaf of Bread – free
4 Dove Men’s Deodorants – .38 each
1 Zantac 24 – .59
2 Gold Bond Hand Sanitizers – $1.99 each
4 Ortega Black Beans – .50 ea
2 packs Paper Mate Pens – .24 each

Most of these items were stacked with Target and manufacturer’s coupons. Here is where the lesson I learned came in (ok, I just double checked my receipt and apparently I have more to learn). The girl checking me out did not scan all of my coupons. She missed both of the Target Dove coupons (which were for $2 each). I saw that she missed those and went to customer service and they refunded my money. She also charged me for an extra deodorant, which they refunded. I just realized she left off all four of my dog treat coupons. I will go back to Target tomorrow and if they won’t refund me for the coupons, I will return the treats. So, if my transactions had gone like they were supposed to, I would have spent $14.68 for all of the items. At this point I spent $20.68. The percentage of savings as it stands now is 65%, after the adjustment it will be 75%.

One thing that really helped me was I had a print out with me of all the deals I intended to purchase. I was on the Krazy Coupon Lady site and I copied and pasted each of the deals I wanted to do into a Word document. It was a tremendous help at the store as I was collecting my items, but also helpful for me at customer service as I knew exactly what coupons I had used and their value. This is the first time I have ever had such problems with coupons. When she first saw my coupons she looked them over very carefully, as if I was doing something wrong. I don’t really know what happened, but I may talk to the manager tomorrow and see if there is something I can do in the future to prevent this type of problem.

I look forward to sharing other coupon trips with you as well as giving you a peek in my binders. I will also share my sorting system, which works very well. If you have been couponing, share your hints, or experiences with me, I’d love to hear them.



I went back to Target this morning. I had with me a copy of the coupon policy (which I didn’t need), a typed out list of what my transactions should have looked like with coupon amounts, and my receipts. I also had the dog treats (in case they didn’t give me my money, I was going to return them), and the pens they didn’t charge me for. I spoke to a lady in management first. I explained that I was concerned not only for my coupons, but also for them as I was concerned that the checker was somehow trying to steal from the store by charging me so much extra. She told me that couldn’t happen and then told me that I would need to talk to a PA (I think those were the letters) and that he would be able to look at the tape to see exactly what happened. She didn’t think he was in and said I would have to come back, but after checking the schedule found he was in the store.

He was very kind and helpful. I explained my concerns and he asked to borrow my receipts and told me he would be back in a minute. He brought back a print out of the transaction that showed every keystroke that the cashier made. If she canceled a coupon, or it didn’t take, it showed up on that sheet. We compared my receipts, the sheet he had and my list of what should have happened. He was very patient and more than willing to help me out. When it was all said and done, my total to be refunded was $6.76 (this included the .24 I owed for the pens not being charged to me). He commented that he could tell that I was being honest and how much he appreciated my patience (a smile and kind words go a long way). He rounded the amount up to $7 and took the papers to the manager and told her to pay me. He apologized again. I commented at one point that I really didn’t think anyone could make that many mistakes in one transaction, and he said that he would be having a chat with this cashier.

I am so thankful for the extra effort that they took in working everything out for me.