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Dairy-Free Banana Coconut Cream Pie

Dairy, gluten, cane sugar, & soy free Banana Coconut Cream Pie

As of late our diets have all gotten kinda crazy. Hannah has been and continues to be gluten, corn, soy, dye, preservative, artificial-anything free, along with avoiding dairy except in hard cheeses and yoghurt. Her diet can be difficult, but she has been on it for awhile now so she has adjusted and makes the best of it. A few of the products that help her the most are Pamela’s flours, Lara and Uber bars, Greek yoghurt, and agave syrup since her system does not process cane sugar well.

That might sound crazy enough but almost two months ago I started the Lyme diet to help treat my Chronic Lyme Disease. The Lyme diet cuts out all gluten and dairy, and severally limits my sugar to a little fruit daily. The first two weeks of the diet were awful with withdraws and cravings, thankfully it is much easier now. I have also noticed improvements to my health overall since starting this diet, which makes it easier to kill the Lyme and lessens the symptoms. The product that helps me the most is by far Sweet Leaf plain stevia drops. Stevia contains no sugar yet tastes sweet so I can add it to iced tea, or even a pie along with banana for sweetness. Unlike Hannah I can not use Pamela’s flours due to honey and dairy, I however can use Bob’s Red Mill flours which Hannah can not use due to corn contamination.

And for the last of the diet craziness today my Mom, Caroline, and Sarah all started the gluten-free diet. My mom and Caroline are going gluten-free for their Lyme and we are putting Sarah on it because we think it will help with some of the health problems she has been having as of late as well. My mom and Caroline might later go on the complete Lyme diet, but it has yet to be decided.

Even with us all not being able to eat the same things due to different diets or allergies the diets are easier than people make them out to be, because it is a lifestyle change. I no longer tend to crave sugar other than fruit. I do just fine watching other people eat potato and cheese soup, cheesecake, or German chocolate cake. And I have learned to make sure to keep easy snacks and meals in the fridge so when I have to run around town I have something I can pack to eat. Now that my health is improving I am also working on more diet-friendly recipes, of which I will be posting both on here and Lavender and Honey. I could do none of this without the Lord, and He has been so good to me and helped me through this transition, for which I am immensely grateful.

Now that Joyful Homemaker’s redesign is complete I look forward to sharing with you all more often what’s going on and my new recipes. Remember, I also blog over at Lavender and Honey so if you would like to read more of my posts you can head over there or follow me on Blog’lovin. If you have any questions related to diet or homemaking please comment, we love to serve.

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On Wednesday nights we have a potluck at church and we are always looking for something new to bring. Yesterday we were in a time crunch so Rachel decided to make  shortbread cookies because they come together pretty quickly. She made The Picky Cook’s Pecan Shortbread. I must say that they were AWESOME! I’d love to share a picture of them, but that would be difficult since none of them made it home. We have some more dough in the fridge and if any make it to a plate we will get some pics.

Rachel did adapt the recipe ever so slightly, she added 2-3 Tablespoons of cool water to the dough. It just seemed to need it to stick together.


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Now that school has started it seems that our calendar is quickly filling up. As the holidays approach our calendar will become even more crowded. I found myself struggling with trying to juggle my calendar organization the other day and this idea popped into my head. It has already helped me tremendously & I hope that it will help you also.

I do use the calendar in my phone, but I am a girl who loves her paper. I have tried going paperless on many things and I just can’t do it. Besides, who wouldn’t want to use a calendar that has my all too cute grandson on it?

 I had several people we were trying to schedule to have over for dinner & a trip that Gene has to make for work that still has no set date.  I got post-it note strips and wrote the names of people we were trying to schedule and Gene’s trip. I placed the strips that I had an idea about a date for on that corresponding date. For those that I wasn’t sure about I put on the bottom of the calendar.

 Because these notes stick & re-stick it made it easy to juggle things as I was trying to schedule them. I am very visual, so having it where I could see it to make changes made things much easier.


Once the date was firm, I would then take off the post-it and write it in pencil. I used to write dates in pen, but things can come up and plans will have to be re-scheduled and I hate marking through things, I’m just neurotic that way.

I hope that this tip is helpful to you. Do you have any other ideas/tips on organizing your calendar? Please share them, I love to hear great ideas.